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JPware Tech Easy Pricing Module is a powerful and easy to use product pricing tool for Magento. Creating effective price rules has never been easier. No more exporting and importing. Create price rules straight from the admin. Create price rules that can calculate from any price field and apply the results to any price field. Efficiently deploy group pricing. Even apply price rules to any attrribute optiions.


  • Easy to Use - Simple and easy to use, yet extremely powerful
  • Enhanced Conditions - Ability to include attribute options in rule conditions
  • Flexible Price Rule Source - Ability to calculate price rule on any price type attribute
  • Flexible Price Rule Result Target - Ability to set calculated price on any price type attribute
  • Group Pricing - Ability to create price rule to set price by customer groups
  • Product Exclusion - Ability to exclude specific product or products from any price rule
  • Zero Price Prevention - Ability to detect $0.00 price results and not apply
  • Zero Price Report - Ability to track and email $0.00 price product list for review and correction
  • Update on Save - Ability to apply price rule if any changes were made and save to product
  • Price Rules Update Scheduling - Ability to schedule and force price rules to ensure all rules apply to all applicable products
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