MIFAS is an advanced order and product information management system for the Magento e-commerce platform.  It is a comprehensive suite of modules that takes omni-channel order management to a whole new level. MIFAS beautifully orchestrates the fulfillment of orders from multiple inventory sources, including your own or a dropship vendor's. MIFAS intelligently routes orders to the best warehouse to be fulfilled, ensuring the lowest shipping rates possible.  MIFAS handles the complex electronic data exchange between your company and your vendors to ensure successful and timely fulfillment of your customers’ orders.  With MIFAS's powerful product information importer and synchronizer, the ability to manage and offer more products has never been easier. MIFAS automates the process of updating product, order processing and shipment information, allowing you to focus on your sales strategy to increase sales revenue and satisfaction.



MIFAS is Your Missing Piece of the Puzzle

MIFAS Omni-Channel Order Management


Packed with Powerful Features


  • Multi-Vendor/Multi-Warehouse Support

    MIFAS offers the ability to utilize multiple vendors and/or warehouses, and intelligently selects the best warehouse or vendor location to fulfill the order.

  • Advanced Shipping Module

    MIFAS ASM allows you to create custom shipping methods with the ability to select the lowest shipping rates to quote your shoppers.

  • Category Mapper

    MIFAS's ability to map to Magento's categories allows you to create your own custom categories and map multiple categories from multiple vendors.

  • Attribute Mapper

    MIFAS's ability to map to Magento's attributes provides tremendous flexibility to sync product information to product attributes containing multiple options.

  • Purchase Order Manager

    MIFAS's Purchase Order Exporter provides flexibility for you to define the purchase order file format in order to meet the requirements of your vendor(s).

  • Purchase Order Exporter

    MIFAS Purchase Order Exporter is a powerful tool that allows you to define the purchase order file format that may be required by your vendors.

  • Shipment Information Importer

    MIFAS's Shipment Information Importer allows you to map your vendor's shipment notification file to the Magento shipment fields, which properly creates shipment records for your customers' orders.

  • Product Information Importer/Synchronizer

    MIFAS's Product Information Importer/Synchronizer is a powerful tool that allows you to import and sync product information from vendor sources who provide this data.

  • Automation

    MIFAS's Automation feature is invaluable to the efficiency of your business's operations. Automating your e-commerce fulfillment allows you to focus on your core business.

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